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Nanobind HT 1 mL blood kit

HMW DNA extraction from 1 mL blood (96 reactions) for automation only.
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The Nanobind HT 1 mL blood kit is design for high-throughput (HT) high molecular weight (HMW) DNA extraction from 1 mL whole human blood. Nanobind extracted DNA is optimized for HiFi sequencing.

The kit uses Nanobind magnetic disk processing to automate lysis, binding, washing and elution steps and is compatible with instruments from Hamilton and Thermo Fisher.

We are providing scripts for 1 mL human blood on the following instruments:

  • Hamilton NIMBUS Presto, fully automated workflow and walk away solution processing 24 samples per run in ~ 2 hrs 30 min.
  • Thermo Fisher KingFisher Apex, Flex, and Duo Prime semi-automated systems with manual plate filing and one user intervention during run. The Duo Prime system processes 6 samples per run in <2 hrs and the Apex / Flex systems process 24 samples in ~ 2 hrs

Typical yield is: 3–70 μg

This kit has not been validated for complex sample types. See our Nanobind HT kits brochure for more details.


The Nanobind HT 1 mL blood kit is comprised of the Nanobind 1 mL blood kit RT (102-762-100) and Nanobind 1 mL blood kit 4C (102-763-200). Components from both kits are required to complete HMW DNA extraction from 1 mL blood (96 reactions per kit).



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