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Nanobind CBB kit

102-301-900 (previously NB-900-001-01)
HMW DNA extraction from cells, bacteria, and blood (24 reactions)
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The Nanobind CBB kit is designed for rapid extraction of large DNA from cultured cells, cultured bacteria (gram-negative and gram-positive), and whole blood (nucleated and non-nucleated).

Our Nanobind magnetic disks use nanostructured silica to protect DNA from shearing and facilitate washing to generate the largest and cleanest DNA for long-read sequencing and optical mapping.

Read length N50 of 30–50 kb can be expected in standard sequencing applications but N50 in excess of 150 kb can be achieved using ultra-long sequencing protocols.

Combine with the SRE kits to further enhance reads lengths.

Nanobind HMW DNA works well on platforms including: 1) PacBio RSII/Sequel/Sequel II and IIe; 2) Oxford Nanopore MinION/GridION/PromethION; 3) Bionano Genomics Irys/Saphyr; 4) 10X Genomics Chromium; and 5) any other application where high-quality DNA is needed.

Includes protocols for HMW DNA (50 kb–300+ kb) and UHMW DNA (50 kb–1 Mb+) extraction.

Typical yields are 5–100+ µg per extraction depending on input.

This kit has not been validated for complex sample types.

See our publications page for latest results.


The Nanobind CBB kit is comprised of the Nanobind CBB kit RT (102-207-600) and Nanobind CBB kit 4C (102-207-700). Components from both kits are required to complete HMW DNA extraction from cells, bacteria, and blood (24 reactions per kit).

Gram-positive bacteria require user-supplied lysozyme and STET buffer.

Guide and overview

Nanobind CBB kit handbook

See Nanobind support page for full list.

Procedure and checklists

Nanobind support



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