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Join us at Genome Generation 2020 co-hosted with Arima Genomics. Learn how you can generate amazing reference genomes using long-read sequencing and HiC.

First look at Nanobind UL Library Prep Kit at T2T/HPRC 2020 Conference. Reads Up to 4 Mb in Length! See our Poster for UL Nanopore Data from 1st Ten Pangenome Samples.

Have a Tough Animal to Sequence? The Nanobind Tissue Big DNA Kit is Here! Use Short Read Eliminator to Deplete Small DNA.

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Oxford Nanopore NCM 2020

Dec 2020

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Genome Startup Day

Oct 2020

From the Frontlines: Exploring the Future of Genomics Entrepreneurship in the US



July 2020

Optimizing the Extraction of High Molecular Weight DNA from Tissue


AGBT 2020

Feb 2020

Poster #409 - HMW DNA from Tissues /

Poster #202 - Automated HMW DNA 


PacBio Virtual Global Summit

Nov 2020

Platinum Sponsor - Talk from Jen Balacco on HMW DNA Sample Prep for VGP



Sept 2020

Circulomics Wins $2M in Grants to Develop DNA Library Prep Products


JAX Long-Read Workshop

June 2020 - Postponed to 2021

Sponsor / Talk - Generating Ultra Long Reads on Oxford Nanopore



Jan 2020

Booth #203 / Poster #113 - HMW DNA from Animals and Plants

Genome Generation 2020 Flyer Twitter Ban

Genome Generation 2020

Oct 2020

Co-Host With Arima Genomics

Learn to Generate Amazing Genomes!

T2THPRC logo.jpg

T2T HPRC Conference 2020

Sept 2020

High Data Throughput and Low Cost Ultra Long Nanopore Sequencing


ABRF 2020

Mar 2020

Booth #235 / Talk - Generating Ultra Long Reads On Oxford Nanopore



Dec 2019



Our Technologies

We use micro-, nano-, and single molecule technologies to streamline every step in the genomics workflow from sample preparation to assays and detection instruments.

Nanobind magnetic disks use silica nanotechnology and a rapid bind, wash, and elute process to provide the highest quality nucleic acids and the highest yields. High molecular weight (HMW) and ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) DNA for Oxford Nanopore and PacBio sequencing and Bionano optical mapping. Compatible with manual or automated processing. Other applications including NGS size selection, FFPE, swabs, RNA, and large volume plasmid preps are in the works.

Nanobind Big DNA Kits are available now in the Store.

Micro and Nanoscale Silica
Each non-porous Nanobind disk is covered with a high density of micro- and nanostructured silica that can bind vast amounts of DNA and protect it from shearing. A single disk is used per extraction and can be processed either manually or automated using standard robotic instruments.
Rapid Bind, Wash, and Elute
HMW DNA extraction can be performed using a simple bind, wash, and elute protocol that is automation compatible.
HMW DNA (50 - 300+kb)
Nanobind Big DNA Kits can be used to obtain HMW DNA (50 - 300+ kb) from nearly all sample types. All samples have been validated by long-read sequencing on PacBio and ONT.
UHMW DNA (50 kb - 1+ Mb)
Nanobind's High Molecular Weight (HMW) process provides DNA from 50 kb - 300 kb while the Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) process provides DNA from 50 kb - 5.7 Mb+.
Ultra Long Reads on ONT (2+ Mb)
Nanobind UHMW DNA and Nanobind Reaction Cleanup were used to generate the longest sequencing read ever, a 2.44 Mb length read from human blood. Ultra long reads (1 - 2+ Mb) can also be generated from cultured cells and bacteria.
Cells, Bacteria, and Blood
The Nanobind CBB Big DNA Kit can be used to extract HMW and UHMW DNA from cultured cells, cultured bacteria, and whole blood.
The Nanobind CBB Big DNA Kit can be used to extract HMW and UHMW DNA from cultured cells, cultured bacteria, and whole blood.
The Nanbind Tissue Big DNA Kit can be used to extract HMW DNA from human, mouse, monkey, pig, fish, crab, snail, slug, bird, and select insect samples.
ONT Sequencing
Nanobind Big DNA Kits generate consistent nanopore data across a variety of sample types including cells, blood, bacteria, plants, and tissues.
PacBio Sequencing
Nanobind Big DNA Kits have been used to sequence a comprehensive variety of sample types on PacBio Sequel.
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Enhance long-read sequencing read lengths by depleting short DNA. Short Read Eliminator Kits use a simple, 1 hour, size selective precipitation method. Three versions are available for DNA of all quality from amplicons to high quality HMW DNA. Protocols available for Oxford Nanopore MinION / GridION / PromethION. Protocols coming soon for PacBio Sequel I/II.

Short Read Eliminator Kits are available now in the Store.

3 Depletion Cutoffs
Choose your SRE kit based on the quality of your input DNA from fragmented DNA or PCR amplicons to high quality HMW DNA.
SRE XS Kit - Up to 10 kb
Short DNA depletion begins at 10 kb and increases in effectiveness as the DNA gets shorter.
SRE Kit - Up to 25 kb
Short DNA depletion begins at 25 kb and increases in effectiveness as the DNA gets shorter.
SRE XL Kit - Up to 40 kb
Short DNA depletion begins at 40 kb and increases in effectiveness as the DNA gets shorter.
Simple Precipitation Process
Process up to 20 samples in 1 hour with just a centrifuge.
Enhance Read Lengths
The read length enhancement scales with more aggressive depletion of short DNA.
SRE XL on Nanobind Extracted Blood DNA
SRE XL begins depleting short DNA at 40 kb, leading to a 14 kb enhancement in read length N50.
SRE on Puregene Extracted Cell DNA
SRE is compatible with DNA extracted using any technology.
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Use single molecule analysis to better characterize your samples before costly sequencing or critical studies.

PicoSep Single Molecule System
Each PicoSep system consists of a single molecule detection module (shown), electronics module, and flow control module. The entire system is USB-controlled by laptop.
PicoSep Separation Capillary
Separation is performed by injecting a sample plug into a buffer-filled microcapillary and driving with pressure. Single molecule sensitivity enables analysis to be performed using only 5 pL of sample and <20 DNA molecules.
PicoSep Single Molecule DNA Sizing
DNA molecules are individually detected (bottom) and counted to form chromatograms (top). Each vertical spike is a single DNA molecule. Larger molecules elute first.
PicoSep RNA Integrity Analysis
Single molecule sensitivity enables detection of minute amounts of RNA degradation and more accurate quantification of RNA integrity by direct counting of degraded molecules.
PicoSep High MW DNA Sizing
PicoSep can accurately size and quantify high molecular weight DNA (100 kb+) in <2 hours. No electrophoresis method offers this speed, sizing resolution, or quantification capability.
PicoSep Single Molecule Conformation
Individual single molecule spikes can be analyzed to determine molecular information such as size, packing density, and conformation. This trace shows a large DNA molecule randomly folded at the leading front and stretched out at the rear.
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We’re always looking for smart, dedicated, and creative people to join our team. As in any startup environment, candidates who are flexible enough to fill many roles can be expected to grow quickly within the company and play a large part in shaping its future. Today, you may be working at the lab bench while tomorrow, you may be writing a patent, and the day after, you may be meeting with customers.

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Circulomics is a biotechnology company located in Baltimore, MD. To date, Circulomics has received $11M in funding from NIH and Maryland TEDCO to develop innovative platforms for nucleic acid sample preparation, long-read sequencing, nucleic acid assays, and single molecule analysis that will drive the research and clinical translation of genomics technologies from sequencing to expression profiling and biomarker analysis.

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The Nanobind CBB Big DNA Kit can be used to extract HMW and UHMW DNA from cultured cells, cultured bacteria, and whole blood.