Nanobind Pilot Project

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Challenging Samples?
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Have a Challenging or Rare Sample? Working on a Novel Application? Need a Bespoke Chemistry?

We've had many odd samples come through the lab and chances are that we can tease some big DNA out of your sample.

Ship us 4 samples. We'll do a set of pilot extractions using some of our developmental Nanobind chemistries, perform QC analysis (Nanodrop UV, Qubit DNA, Bio-Rad CHEF), and ship the DNA back.

Based on these results, we can discuss strategies to develop custom sample preparation methods for your needs or provide sample preparation services. While these chemistries may not be fully optimized and validated for commercial sale, limited quantities may be available for alpha testing.

As this is intended for piloting of non-standard sample types, all work is best effort. No guarantees are made regarding DNA yield, purity, or size.

See our publications page for latest results.


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