Short Read Eliminator

Deplete Short DNA

The Short Read Eliminator Kits enhance long-read sequencing read lengths by depleting unwanted short DNA from your sample. Depletion occurs through a size selective precipitation method that is fast and requires no special equipment. Three versions are available depending on the quality of your input DNA, from sheared DNA or long PCR amplicons to high quality HMW DNA.

Variable Depletion Cutoff

Short Read Eliminator XS - Up to 10 kb

Short Read Eliminator - Up to 25 kb

Short Read Eliminator XL - Up to 40 kb

Fast and Easy

Process up 20 samples in 1 hour

Requires only a centrifuge

High Recovery

Recover 40-90% of your HMW DNA

High Read Length Enhancement

Increase N50 by as much as 30 kb