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High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction from Recalcitrant Plant Species for Third Generation Sequencing

If you need big DNA from plant samples, take a look at the new protocol we released in collaboration with Winston Timp's lab at JHU.

This work was performed as part of Save the Redwoods League's Redwood Genome Project. This project involves the Save the Redwoods League, UC Davis, and Johns Hopkins University. Circulomics is providing high MW DNA extraction services for nanopore sequencing portion of the project.

This protocol describes a method to extract high MW genomic DNA from plant samples using a nuclei isolation process. The nuclei isolation process was developed by Rachael Workman of Winston Timp's lab at JHU. After nuclei isolation, the Nanobind Plant Nuclei Big DNA Kit is used to extract high MW DNA from the nuclei.

Also included in the protocol is data from maize samples provided by our collaborator Brieanne Vaillancourt of Robin Buell's lab at Michigan State University.

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