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Nanobind DNA Extraction Featured on Back Cover of Advanced Materials

Circulomics publishes first paper on Nanobind DNA extraction technology entitled "A Simple Thermoplastic Substrate Containing Hierarchical Silica Lamellae for High-Molecular-Weight DNA Extraction." This paper was published in collaboration with Dr. Tza-Huei Wang of Johns Hopkins University and Pacific Biosciences and featured on the back cover of the journal Advanced Materials.

Nanobind is a novel silica nanomaterial that uses a simple bind, wash, and elute process to obtain the highest quality, high molecular weight DNA. This high MW weight DNA can be used to obtain exceptional long-read sequencing data with read length N50 of 28 kb.

Nanobind Advanced Materials Cover
Nanobind High MW and Ultra High MW DNA Extraction
Nanobind High MW DNA for Long-Read Sequencing

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