Circulomics Launches Short Read Eliminator Kit to Enhance Long-Read Sequencing Read Lengths

PRWeb (Feb 2019)

DNA Extraction Remains Bottleneck for Long-Read Techs But Solutions Begin to Emerge

Genome Web (Jan 2019)


Bionano Genomics’ Structural Variation Results Presented at ASHG 2018 Provide Insights in Cancer and Genetic Disease

Globe Newswire (Oct 2018)

Circulomics Wins Best Innovative Tech Company

MD Incubator Company of the Year (Jun 2018)

Pacific Biosciences Launches Microbial Multiplexing Kit, New SMRT Grant Program

Globe Newswire (Jun 2018)

Circulomics Launches First Nanobind Kits for High MW DNA Extraction

PRWeb (Feb 2018)


Shifting Focus to Sample Prep, Circulomics Anticipates Launching First DNA Extraction Product

GenomeWeb (Dec 2017)

Circulomics Receives $1.7M to Develop Nanobind Methods for FFPE DNA/RNA Extraction and NGS Library Preparation

PRWeb (Oct 2017)

Circulomics Wins $1.5M NIH Grant to Develop DNA/RNA Sizing Platform

GenomeWeb (Feb 2017)

Circulomics Awarded $1.5M Grant

FrontLine Genomics (Feb 2017)

Circulomics Awarded $1.5M SBIR Phase II Grant to Develop PicoSep Single Molecule Analysis System

MarketWired (Feb 2017)


$1.5M Phase II SBIR Awarded to Expand Nanobind DNA/RNA Extraction Technology

MarketWired (Oct 2015)

Circulomics Wins $1.5M Phase II SBIR Grant for DNA/RNA Extraction Tech

GenomeWeb (Oct 2015)

Circulomics Awarded $1.5M Phase II SBIR to Develop Multiplex microRNA Assay

MarketWired (May 2015)

Circulomics Nabs $1.5M NIH Grant to Finish Development of microRNA Profiling Tech

GenomeWeb (May 2015)


Circulomics Awarded Phase I SBIR to Develop Nanobind Extraction Method for FFPE Samples

MarketWired (Sept 2014)

Circulomics Receives NIH Grant to Develop FFPE DNA/RNA Extraction Technology

GenomeWeb (Sept 2014)

Circulomics Awarded Phase I SBIR to Develop Nanobind DNA Extraction Technology

MarketWired (Apr 2014)

Circulomics Granted SBIR Grant to Develop DNA/RNA Extraction Technology
GenomeWeb (Apr 2014)


Hopkins Accelerator Aims to Give Startups a Jump Start

Baltimore Sun (June 2013)


Circulomics Awarded Nearly $1M to Develop Multiplex MicroRNA Assay

MarketWired (Dec 2012)

Circulomics Developing miRNA Profiling Kits to Fill Multiplex Analysis Niche

GenomeWeb (Dec 2012)

NIH Awards Johns Hopkins Spinout Circulomics $800K for MicroRNA Tech Development

Genome Web (Dec 2012)

Circulomics wins research awards worth $800K Baltimore (Dec 2012)

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