High Quality DNA/RNA Sample Preparation

Nanobind is a thermoplastic disk that contains a high density of micro- and nanostructured silica. This unique structure enables vast amounts of DNA to bind and release without being damaged. Processing occurs through a rapid bind, wash, and elute process that parallels magnetic beads and is easily automated. Obtain high MW (HMW) and megabase (UHMW) DNA in less than 60 minutes.

Highest DNA Quality

High Molecular Weight (50 kb - 300+ kb)

Ultra High Molecular Weight (1+ Mb)

Ultra Low Damage

High Purity

Highest Yield

Milligrams of DNA in a Single Extraction

Microvolume Samples as Low as 1 uL

Broad Applications

HMW and UHMW DNA Extraction

Long-Read Sequencing/Genome Mapping

Large Volume Plasmid Extraction

NGS Size Selection and Library Prep

FFPE Samples

Clinical and Pathology Samples

Plant Genomics


Rapid and Simple Process

<60 Minute Manual Process

<40 Minute Automated Extraction