Come see us at these upcoming events!

London Calling 2021 Online

May 19 - 21


Poster - High Throughput and Low Cost Ultra Long Nanopore Sequencing for Human Pangenome Assembly

Poster - Manual and Automated HMW DNA Extraction from Diverse Sample Types Using Nanobind and High Throughput Size Selection Using Short Read Eliminator

2020 Events

ASHG 2020 Annual Meeting

October 27 - 31

San Diego, CA

Booth #1045

Sorry - We'll Be Skipping ASHG This Year Due to COVID. See You Next Year!

Genome Startup Day

October 14

Webinar - Register Here

Panel -  From the Frontlines: Exploring the Future of Genomics Entrepreneurship in the US

Jackson Lab Long Read Sequencing Workshop

June 23 - 26 - Postponed until 2021

Farmington, CT


Talk - Generating Ultra Long Reads on Oxford Nanopore MinION / GridION / PromethION

2019 Events

Oxford Nanopore Community Meeting 2019

December 5 - 6

New York, NY

PacBio User Group Meeting North America 2019

September 25 - 26

Newark, DE


Sponsor Booth - Come discuss your SMRT sequencing sample prep needs with us

Workshop on Long-Read Sequencing

September 17 - 20

Farmington, CT


Learn how to extract HMW DNA using Nanobind at the hands-on workshop and come chat with us at the vendor expo

G10K-VGP EBP 2019 Meeting

August 27 - 30

New York, NY

Talk - HMW Sample Prep for Long-Read Sequencing

701 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202


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