Circulomics Publishes New Technology for DNA Concentration

Circulomics has published a new technology for electrode free concentration of DNA called molecular rheotaxis. This work, entitled "Molecular Rheotaxis Directs DNA Migration and Concentration Against a Pressure-Driven Flow," will be published in Nature Communications and was performed in conjunction with Dr. Tza-Huei Wang of Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Neil Ivory of Washington State University. Molecular rheotaxis can be used to concentrate DNA into a small bolus at a capillary inlet without electrodes or applied electric fields. As buffer is pumped out of a capillary into a sample well, DNA migrates against the flow and gathers into a highly concentrated at the capillary inlet. Concent

Circulomics Awarded $1.7M in SBIR Grants to Develop Nanobind Methods for FFPE and NGS Sample Prepara

NIH has awarded Circulomics two SBIR grants totaling over $1.7M to develop new applications of its Nanobind nucleic acid extraction technology. Nanobind is a novel magnetic disk that contains a high density of micro- and nanostructured silica on the surface and that can be used for a wide variety of sample preparation applications. The nanostructured surface provides high capture efficiency, immense binding capacity, and protection from damage. Previous NIH grants have been used to develop kits for high MW DNA extraction (50 kb – 1 Mb+) from cultured cells, bacteria, blood, and tissues. These new grants will be used to develop the first applications of Nanobind beyond high MW DNA extraction.

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