Phase I SBIR Award To Fund Development of Nanobind DNA/RNA Extraction Technology

Circulomics issues a press release to announce SBIR Phase I award from NIH/NIGMS. This award will total $175,000 and will drive the initial development of Nanobind DNA/RNA Extraction Technology. According to Circulomics CEO Dr. Kelvin Liu, "By minimizing DNA fragmenting shear forces, Nanobind can extract large amounts of genomic DNA with purity and integrity that matches phenol-chloroform and a process that's even simpler than spin column." Circulomics receives coverage on GenomeWeb.

High Efficiency and Low Bias miRNA Ligation

Circulomics has published a paper detailing a simple method for high efficiency and low bias microRNA capture. This paper, entitled "Elimination of Ligation Dependent Artifacts in T4 RNA Ligase to Achieve High Efficiency and Low Bias microRNA Capture," was published in the journal PLOS ONE in conjunction with Dr. Tza-Huei Wang of Johns Hopkins University. Adapter ligation is the first step in wide array of microRNA analysis methods. Low bias capture methods are essential in preventing distortion of microRNA expression profiles. Circulomics has developed a simple method for microRNA capture that does not require the use of large adapter pools and forms the foundation for Ligo-miR.

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