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Ligo-miR microRNA Assay Technology

Circulomics’ Ligo-miR technology (Patent Pending) will fundamentally change the way microRNA are profiled by making cost-effective, high content analysis the de-facto standard. Ligo-miR transforms microRNA expression into easily decoded molecular signatures by way of an innovative, PCR-free, 2-step ligation assay that enables multiplexed analysis of 10-100 microRNA in a single reaction.

Whereas existing multiplex assays utilize complex barcoding schemes with exhaustive workflows and expensive readout instrumentation, Circulomics will offer a different approach by designing Ligo-miR to measure a clinically relevant number of microRNA without the need for costly instrumentation. This is achieved through a simple and elegant size-based encoding.

Ligo-miR Technology

Technology Highlights:

  • 1st ligation step captures microRNA with high efficiency (>95%) and low bias (<20%)
  • 2nd ligation step specifically identifies and encodes microRNA by length
    • High specificity by multi-layering of ligase discrimination with probe specificity.
    • Integrated linear amplification boosts sensitivity (50-fold) without compromising assay linearity
  • Attomole level sensitivities up to 1000-fold higher than microarray can be achieved with basic gel detection
  • For the most demanding applications, such as single cell profiling, Circulomics’ single molecule sizing platform, PicoSep, can be used to achieve PCR-level sensitivities.

Ligo-miR technology will form the basis for a comprehensive suite of microRNA tools, capable of analyzing everything from challenging clinical samples to single cells and beyond.