Research Associate


We’re looking for smart, dedicated, and creative people to join our team. As in any startup environment, candidates who are flexible enough to fill many roles can be expected to grow quickly within the company and play a large part in shaping its future. Today, you may be working at the lab bench while tomorrow, you may be writing a patent, and the day after, you may be meeting with customers.

Research Associate (Posted 08/2016)

This is an entry level position in which the applicant's primary responsibility will be to support the development of Circulomics' Nanobind sample preparation and Ligo-miR assay technologies. Nanobind is a novel thermoplastic nanomaterial that can be used for rapid and high quality DNA/RNA sample preparation. Ligo-miR is a multiplex miRNA assay that can be used to profile a variety of samples including tissues, biofluids, and single cells. Applicants that show a high degree of independence and aptitude can be expected to gain responsibility quickly and acquire new opportunities.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Supporting development of Ligo-miR assay technology
  • Optimization of reaction conditions, probe design, protocol, and benchmarking against existing methods
  • Supporting development of Nanobind sample preparation technology
  • Validation of extraction chemistries across diverse sample types and extraction conditions
  • Characterization of extracted nucleic acids using spectroscopy, gel electrophoresis, capillary electrophoresis, restriction digests, qPCR, and qRT-PCR
  • Fabrication of Nanobind substrates and devices
  • Application development using PCR, RT-PCR, sequencing, cloning, etc
  • Care and maintenance of mammalian and bacterial cell culture

Desired skills:

  • Aseptic technique and maintenance of human, bacterial, and yeast cell cultures
  • Experience with molecular biology techniques including UV and fluorescence spectroscopy, qPCR and qRT-PCR, agarose and pulsed field gel electrophoresis, and cloning
  • Experience in sample preparation techniques incorporating spin columns, magnetic particles, and precipitation
  • Experience with microfluidics and microfabrication methods
  • Experience in sequencing and library preparation is a plus
  • Experience in genetics and epigenetics analysis is a plus
  • Applicants don't need to have all the desired skills but should demonstrate eagerness and ability to learn new techniques as necessary
  • Anything else to help the company grow and expand!

Bachelor's or Master's degree in related engineering field, biological sciences, or chemical sciences.

Immediate start date. Full benefits apply.

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