Ligo-miR EZ - Multiplexed microRNA Profiling

Ligo-miR EZ Process


Profile 24 microRNA in each sample well using a simple 2-step reaction

Achieve attomole level sensitivity with fluorescent PAGE detection

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09/24/2014 – Circulomics announces a new SBIR award from NIH / NIEHS to develop Nanobind technology for FFPE samples.

Nanobind Tube

04/30/2014 – NIH / NIGMS awards Circulomics a $175k SBIR grant to develop Nanobind DNA/RNA extraction technology.

Nanobind SEM

04/10/2014 – Circulomics publishes a paper in PLOS ONE detailing a simple method for microRNA capture.

PloS One

02/01/2014 – Meet Jeffrey Burke and Duncan Kilburn, two of our team members responsible for developing Ligo-miR and PicoSep technologies.

J BurkeD Kilburn

06/24/2013 – The Baltimore Sun releases an article about the public launch of JHU's new FastForward Accelerator.

Kelvin LiuBaltimore Sun

03/01/2013 – Circulomics welcomes Tom Bishop to our Advisory Board. who brings a wealth of microRNA commercialization experience.

Tom Bishop