New Investors

Circulomics is seeking equity investments to finance the product launch of our first microRNA assay kit, Ligo-miR EZ, which is currently in prototype form. We anticipate product launch of our assay technology in 2015.

To date, Circulomics has received $2.8M in non-equity funding to develop an innovative platform for microRNA profiling that will drive the research and rapid clinical translation of these promising biomarkers. Further non-equity grant based funding will be obtained in to drive early stage R&D. By leveraging such sources, Circulomics creates incredible value and leverage for potential investors.

For additional information contact: invest@circulomics.com


Current Funding Sources


Circulomics has been awarded five Phase I and Phase II SBIR grants worth a total of $2.7M by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop its Ligo-miR microRNA technology, PicoSep single molecule DNA analysis platform, and Nanobind DNA/RNA extraction technology.

Two of these highly competitive awards were funded as part of NIH's SHIFT initiative to foster the translation of scientific discoveries from the lab to the marketplace.


Circulomics was awarded $75k from TEDCO’s Maryland Technology Transfer and Commercialization Fund (MTTCF) to commercialize Ligo-miR technology for cancer research and clinical diagnostics.

Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) – “Entrepreneur Magazine ranked TEDCO #1 nationally for the largest number of investments in start-up/seed or early stage companies for five consecutive years. TEDCO is bringing innovations from universities and federal labs into the State's economy by facilitating the transfer of technology to the private sector and by providing emerging technology companies and university researchers with vital seed funding and specialized technical assistance.”


National Collegiate Investors and Innovators Alliance – Circulomics was awarded a $20k Advanced E-team grant to develop a PCR-free single molecule assay for cancer detection based on circulating nucleic acids.

The NCIIA ‘pipeline’ provides nascent student start-ups with early stage funding, business strategy development training, mentoring, and investment.